[Netkit.users] IP aliasing / VLAN / Participate

Sandro Doro sandro.doro a gmail.com
Sab 20 Gen 2007 20:38:56 CET

> Hi,
> I just want to thanks all of you first, who participate elaborating
> Netkit, i'm trying to learn (Socrates Quotation: True knowledge exists
> in knowing that you know nothing.) actually and i want to test in netkit
> these scenarii:
> - IP Aliasing
> - VLAN

  if you understand italian language you can read:

  VLAN: http://www.tic.fdns.net/tic/html/uml-VLAN.html
  IP aliasing: http://www.tic.fdns.net/tic/html/uml-HA.html
               heartbeat uses IP aliasing
  IP aliasing: http://www.tic.fdns.net/tic/html/uml-VRRP.html
               also VRRP uses IP aliasing

Note that for this experiences you must download the Live CD
extension of Netkit named Netkit4TIC.
You can download it from netkit site:


  Sandro Doro

Sandro Doro
e-mail: sandro DOT doro AT istruzione DOT it
Linux registered user n. 5768

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