[Netkit.users] IP aliasing / VLAN / Participate

Renaud Leroy renaudleroy a free.fr
Sab 20 Gen 2007 12:25:33 CET


I just want to thanks all of you first, who participate elaborating
Netkit, i'm trying to learn (Socrates Quotation: True knowledge exists
in knowing that you know nothing.) actually and i want to test in netkit
these scenarii:

- IP Aliasing

so my questions are:

1\ Before i'll be as experienced to make my own labs, anyone has made
any labs (ideally) or pdfs/links to cover these scenarii as good as they
are explained in the labs i saw.

2\ Is there a collaborative website that regroup all the labs the users
have made ? I can participate in managing/helping/participating on my
side to it.

3\ If you need some traduction Italian <--> French of some documents i
have one persone of my family that can do it (if it help).

Thanks in advance !

Best Regards.

Saluti !



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