[Netkit.users] tap device

Robert Sebunnya rsebunya a dicts.mak.ac.ug
Mer 3 Gen 2007 15:37:12 CET

Thanks , it all seems to be working.I was not allowing routing from the host 
machine to the virtual machine that was why I was not getting to it.
Well now that the routing is set up all seems to work fine and I am the 
happiest networker this year.
Thanks again. 

Massimo Rimondini writes: 

> Hi Robert, and sorry for the delay. 
> Permissions for the tun device are automatically set by the Netkit scripts,
> hence you shouldn't have to care about them.
> Could you please provide some more details about your configuration? 
> Also, the scripts should take care of creating some entries in iptables
> chains. You may check the output of iptables -L and iptables -t nat -L
> before and after starting the virtual machine to make sure this is actually
> happening. 
> Regards,
> Massimo. 
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>> hello, good afternoon ,
>> I have setup netkit virtual machines on my host machines and 
>> they can intercommunicate  very well.However I am not able to 
>> connect any of the virtual machines to the host machines by 
>> tap devices.
>> When I set up the tap device there is no error, whatsoever 
>> but I cant get the host machine or virtual machine to ping 
>> each other, Any help will be highly appreciated.  
>> Robert Sebunnya
>> Network Operations Center
>> Makerere University
>> Tel:+256-772-308-999 


Robert Sebunnya
Network Operations Center
Makerere University

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