[Netkit.users] Setting Multicast address on eth0

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Sab 14 Apr 2007 16:41:26 CEST

Deat simha,
based on what you are reporting, I propose the following suggestions:
1) check the routing tables of the virtual machines (routes for multicast
datagrams should be set);
2) download the new filesystem release from
.bz2, which includes tools that enable support for multicast routing (e.g.,
Hope this helps,


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	Subject: [Netkit.users] Setting Multicast address on eth0
	   I need a UML m/c configuration as follows:-
	m/c1 - eth0:
	m/c2 - eth0:
	They are in the same collision domain so I can set the eth0
interface collision domain to "A" in the lab.conf file.
	An application in both the UML instances need to do a MULTI CAST
join on the multi-cast address 
	The application does a setsockopt(.., IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP..) 
	subseqently the app does a sendto on the multicast address. 
	Currently when I run the app I get a "Network un-reachable error" 
	How do I configure the lab.conf so that the multicast is enabled in
the UML instances? 
	I have enabled the MULTICAST and MULTICAST ROUTING support in the
UML kernel build.

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