[Netkit.users] WinNetkit 1.0b has been released

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Lun 16 Ott 2006 16:55:05 CEST

Dear Netkit users,

in order to enable Windows users to take advantage of the network 
emulation capabilities of Netkit, WinNetkit 1.0b has been released.

WinNetkit is a pre-packaged VMWare virtual machine containing a 
ready-to-use Netkit distribution. By installing a VMWare product (such 
as the free VMWare Player), Windows users can easily "replay" the 
virtual machine and start using Netkit like they would on a real Linux host.
You can get WinNetkit, together with instructions for installation and 
usage, in the downloads area of http://www.netkit.org.

This release of WinNetkit has been contributed by Antonio Capaldo and 
Giacomo Masseroni.

the Netkit Team.

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