[Netkit.users] Interface problem.-

maruiz a ec.gba.gov.ar maruiz a ec.gba.gov.ar
Mar 14 Mar 2006 23:50:55 CET

Hi Massimo,

  Yes, i have duplicate addresses, thanks, but i try many times, and cannot
reach with ping from RealHosts to Vmachines (Pc2 to Vrouter1, and Vrouter1
to Vrouter2 can, but cannot from Pc2 to Vrouter2)

 Please, if you can sendme any configuration thas has proven.



> Hi Miguel,
> you seem to have duplicate IP addresses in your configuration. In fact,
> is assigned to both vrouter1's tap interface and to pc1 (or
> pc2).
> When you configure a tap interface, you have to specify two IP addresses:
> - The "tap" address, which is the address of a fictitious network
> interface on the real host (you can even see it by using ifconfig on the
> real host). This interface serves as a connection point between vrouter1
> and the real network. Since this is the address of a new network
> interface, it cannot overlap with other existing addresses.
> - The "guest" address, which is the address of a network interface
> showing up inside the virtual machine (vrouter1).
> Uniqueness of IP addresses should however still be guaranteed.
> I suggest to remove this problem before further analyzing the issue.
> Regards,
> Massimo.

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