[Netkit.users] Link delay

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Mer 19 Lug 2006 10:12:05 CEST

Dear Paolo,

unfortunately, the answer is no. At present Netkit does not provide 
support to the emulation of link features (such as noise, delay, etc.).

Nonetheless, we have been working on this issue and we will probably 
yield this improvement in some future release. I cannot tell you 
anything more precise about the timings yet.

Despite this, we hope the tool will be of use to you.


Paolo Carpo wrote:

>Hi all!
>	I'm writing my thesis degree and I would like to use netkit for the emulation 
>part. I'm writing to know if there're some scripts to set the delay, the bit 
>error rate or the bandwidth (something like a simulator) of the links.
>Thanks in advance!
>	Paolo Carpo
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