[Netkit.users] glibc 2.4

EmIScA emisca a email.it
Lun 18 Dic 2006 17:04:39 CET

Is bird a debian package? If so you can recompile it from source or get 
a package compiled against debian sarge (which uses glibc 2.3).
In addition also the next debian release that will be released (etch) 
ships glibc 2.3.
So, having glibc 2.3 is not a problem.........


Jan Kubalec ha scritto:
> Hi, I was trying to run BIRD routing daemon under NetKit, but it 
> requires C libraries version 2.4 and later. NetKit is compiled with 
> glibc ver 2.3. Is there any way, how I can use in NetKit glibc 2.4 or 
> later?
> jK
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