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Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Mer 6 Dic 2006 20:33:17 CET

Dear Francis,

tcpwrappers (Debian package tcpd) is already installed inside Netkit. It 
roughly consists of a library (libwrap), a daemon (tcpd), and 
configuration files (/etc/hosts.allow, /etc/hosts.deny).
Hence, there shouldn't be much left to make it work.

In case your question is somehow still open, for example because you are 
missing additional software to perform experiments with tcpwrappers, the 
answer is simple.

Start an Internet connected virtual machine with the following options:
vstart myPc --eth0=tap,, -M 128 -W

 From inside the virtual machine, download the package you are 
interested in. You can use wget or the standard Debian apt tools for the 
purpose (before being able to do this you may need to configure a DNS 
server inside /etc/resolv.conf).
After the installation is completed, halt (do *not* use vcrash!) the 
virtual machine.

That's all. At this point, your Netkit filesystem is permanently 
modified to put up the software you need, so that it will be available 
in all the virtual machines you are going to launch.


francism wrote:
> Dear Group,
> Im a new to this group, How can i build netkit to support TCPWRAPPERS?
> which files and line i need to define?
> Thanks,
> Francis
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