[Netkit.users] Re: netkit starting

Robert Sebunnya rsebunya a dicts.mak.ac.ug
Sab 2 Dic 2006 15:35:28 CET

Hello , everyone.I am in need of some help.I have been working with netkit 
but i seem not to be able to start the virual machines if I install netkit 
on slackware.I have in installed python as well on the slackware but it 
never gets to fire up the xterm terminals
To use the virtual machine I have to invoke vstart with the --noxterm 
option, what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance. 

Jan Kubalec writes: 

> Hi, 
> I downloaded the new version of netkit today and it's not working - 
> obviously you forgot to put directory $NETKIT_HOME/bin/script_utils
> and the script check_configuration (or whatever its name is) is not 
> working OK neither. And there are obviously other faults in script 
> vstart...
> I'm using Ubuntu, but that doesn't affect this I guess.
> Can somebody please fix this or explain me, where I make mistake? 
> Thanks
> Jan
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Robert Sebunnya
Network Operations Center
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