[Netkit.users] HELP: no NetKit terminal

Massimo Rimondini maxonthenet a tiscali.it
Ven 13 Maggio 2005 12:15:54 CEST

Dear Corrado,

I'm happy to hear this solved your problem.

This strengthens the hypothesis that your xterm is not working properly 
(maybe your xterm binary is not in place). This is not a problem if you 
plan to run a single virtual machine. But it becomes rather bothering 
when actually emulating networks. Let me know when you need to.

In the meantime, if you wish to investigate on xterm, you can try with 
"which xterm". A negative response is a symptom that xterm must be 
installed (quite strange, but possible).


corrado a ngi.it wrote:

>thanx Massimo:
>using "vstart vm1 --verbose --noxterm"
>will open virtual console withing launching console.
>for me this could be enough.
>bye and thx again

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