[Netkit.users] AIUTO: non c'e' il terminale di NetKit

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Ven 13 Maggio 2005 11:29:13 CEST

Hello Corrado,

per rendere tutti partecipi del problema ti rispondo in inglese. Non me 
ne volere per questo... :)

So, your problem can be summarized with the following sentence: whenever 
you try to start virtual machines all you get is a set of running 
processes but no consoles.

You say the pair of arguments "con0=xterm quiet" looks questionable, but 
it is not. "con0=xterm" tells the UML kernel to launch an xterm and to 
attach the primary console of the virtual machine to it. "quiet" 
instructs the UML kernel to limit the verbosity of the messages during 
the boot phase. Anyway, they are separate arguments (you should not 
interpret them as "launch a quiet xterm for console 0").

Since the UML kernel is correctly started, this problem may be related 
to unavailability of the xterm emulator (try running "xterm" alone and 
see what happens), but this is only a very rough guess. In order to 
better diagnose the problem, it would be useful for me to see what is 
the output of "vstart vm1 --new --verbose --noxterm".


corrado a ngi.it wrote:

>Salve a tutti!
>sto provando a usare NetKit per il corso di Reti di Calcolatori a uniroma2
>l'ho appena installato ed ho gia'  un problema (non il solito NO-SKAS!!!)
>il terminale di NetKit non compare:
>dopo lanciato "vstart vm1 --new", ottengo:
>[corrado a corrado corrado]$ vstart vm1
>starting virtual machine...
> /home/corrado/netkit-1.4.2/kernel/linux ubd0=vm1.disk root=98:1 name=vm1 title=
>vm1 hosthome=/home/corrado mem=16M uml_dir=/tmp/uml con= con0=xterm quiet
>Checking for the skas3 patch in the host...not found
>[corrado a corrado corrado]$ Checking for /proc/mm...not found
>Checking PROT_EXEC mmap in /tmp...OK
>tracing thread pid = 6179
>e mi torna al prompt normale (del mio host)
>ho provato un "ps aux | grep vm1" e ho diverse righe come la seguente:
>[corrado a corrado corrado]$ ps aux | grep vm1
>corrado   6179  4.3  0.1 16404  512 pts/2    S    19:16   0:02 /home/corrado/netkit-1.4.2/kernel/linux [(tracing thread)] ubd0=vm1.disk root=98:1 name=vm1 title=vm1 hosthome=/home/corrado mem=16M uml_dir=/tmp/uml con= con0=xterm quiet
>di cui la parte "con0=xterm quiet" mi pare sospetta...
>qualcuno sa aiutarmi ???
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