[Netkit.users] Trouble to run full script on Netkit4TIC.iso

Sandro Doro sandro a dorogroup.com
Mer 8 Giu 2005 07:07:26 CEST

> I've tried to exclude the function and to delete by hand file .booting.
> The result is that all vm starts but, inside vm, the network initialization
> command does not execute

what happens if you start a single/simple vm using
   vstart test --eth0=A --new    ??

> so I've the loopback interface only.

I think that you must investigate on:
- md5sum of iso image AND the md5sum of CD
- retry to download (wget http://www.tic.fdns.net/tic/html/FirewallDMZ.tgz)

> I'll try to send my question to the mantainer.

You are welcome! If you speak italian languange there is a forum
dedicated to this purpose inside http://www.tic.fdns.net/

> Thanks a lot,
> luciano

  Sandro Doro

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