[Netkit.users] Trouble to run full script on Netkit4TIC.iso

Sandro Doro sandro a dorogroup.com
Lun 6 Giu 2005 23:15:00 CEST

> Hi,


> I'm testing some script from the cd live Netkit4TIC.iso.

thanks for using it!

> For example, in the script Firewall with DMZ, start the first vm only.
> To start the others vm I have to delete by hand the file .booting.
> However, I have seen that networking inside vm don't start, so
> I have the local loopback interface only.
> What's wrong?

It's dipends. Yesterday, when I first see your post I tried it
but I don't see any wrong. My test:

- a Netkit4TIC v1.2 CD
- my old PII, 400MH, 512MB,
- wget http://www.tic.fdns.net/tic/html/FirewallDMZ.tgz

after about 4 min:


look at date ;-)

> Thanks a lot,
> Luciano

ps. I have written an undocumented script named "vreset" that
    cleanup everything.

  Sandro Doro

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