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Lun 6 Giu 2005 14:04:21 CEST

Dear Massimo,

thanks for your infos, but, as I'm using NetKit to experiment something around my Computer Networks course, I think those things, even if really interesting, are a little outside scope or time...

best regards,
Corrado Campisano

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> Dear Corrado,
> the UML kernel supports communication via a (virtual) serial line. This 
> can be achieved by using the "ssln" parameter, where n is an index for 
> the serial port. For example, you can attach a serial line to a pty by 
> appending the following option:
> ssl1=pty
> Once this is done, you should of course run some ppp software on the two 
> hosts in order to make them communicate.
> Unfortunately, the current version of vstart does not support serial 
> lines. Hence, the only chance you have to setup a serial line is to use 
> the --print option of vstart, copy the kernel command line, append the 
> above option and start the kernel "by hand".
> If you are interested in this, further information about the devices 
> serial lines can be attached to can be found in the kernel documentation 
> that is distributed with the kernel source tree (which you can download 
> at http://www.kernel.org). In particular, I suggest you to have a look 
> at this file: linux-
> Hope this helps.
> Regards,
> Massimo.
> corrado a ngi.it wrote:
> >Hi Massimo!
> >
> >is there any way use ppp via serial cable to simulate different patterns?
> >
> >is something like --eth0=A (--ppp0=A ??) to set up the machine?
> >
> >best regards,
> >Corrado Campisano
> >
> >  
> >
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