[Netkit.users] NetKit WAN sample

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Lun 6 Giu 2005 13:09:16 CEST

Dear Corrado,

the UML kernel supports communication via a (virtual) serial line. This 
can be achieved by using the "ssln" parameter, where n is an index for 
the serial port. For example, you can attach a serial line to a pty by 
appending the following option:

Once this is done, you should of course run some ppp software on the two 
hosts in order to make them communicate.

Unfortunately, the current version of vstart does not support serial 
lines. Hence, the only chance you have to setup a serial line is to use 
the --print option of vstart, copy the kernel command line, append the 
above option and start the kernel "by hand".

If you are interested in this, further information about the devices 
serial lines can be attached to can be found in the kernel documentation 
that is distributed with the kernel source tree (which you can download 
at http://www.kernel.org). In particular, I suggest you to have a look 
at this file: linux-

Hope this helps.

corrado a ngi.it wrote:

>Hi Massimo!
>is there any way use ppp via serial cable to simulate different patterns?
>is something like --eth0=A (--ppp0=A ??) to set up the machine?
>best regards,
>Corrado Campisano

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