[Netkit.users] Netkit release 2.1 Beta

Massimo Rimondini maxonthenet a tiscali.it
Ven 29 Lug 2005 16:27:19 CEST

Hello Netkit users!

As you may have noticed, Netkit activity has fully restarted. This is why I
am signalling you that some other bugs in the aforeannounced release 2.0
Beta have been fixed in the freshly published 2.1 Beta.

No changes have been made to the filesystem (this strengthens the
convenience of distributing Netkit as three separate components). Instead, a
bug limiting the number of arguments (read: network interfaces) has been
fixed in the UML kernel, and some other minor bugs (which, however,
prevented some vcommands to work on some platforms) have been fixed in the

We again encourage to share with us your experience in using Netkit. We may
also consider this information for publishing in the list of platforms
Netkit is known to run correctly on

P.S. The web site has been reorganized as well, including in particular the
labs section.

The Netkit Team.

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