[Netkit.users] New Netkit release - 2.0 Beta

Maurizio Pizzonia pizzonia a dia.uniroma3.it
Mer 27 Lug 2005 12:04:07 CEST

Ringrazio te e Fabio per l'enorme lavoro.
Me lo scarico subito :)

Massimo Rimondini wrote:
> Hello Netkit users!
> We officially announce that a new Netkit release is now out. More
> precisely, we are speaking of Netkit 2.0 beta version. It's been a (very)
> long time since the last release of Netkit, but we believe it's been worth
> the wait.
> Major improvements include:
> - A complete set of man pages, which document every possible aspect of
> Netkit.
> - A configuration file which allows to alter default settings (file
> locations, etc.) by simply editing it.
> - More robust and rewritten from scratch "vtools". The "ltools" have been
> revised as well.
> - Ability to attach network interfaces to running machines.
> - A new testing system for the Netkit labs, which eases debugging and
> redistribution of experiences.
> - Possibility to perform actions (for example, crash and restart) on a
> specific subset of the virtual machines of a Netkit lab.
> - More flexible lab configurations, including the possibility to setup
> machines with different amounts of memory.
> - Ability to automatically connect virtual machines to a real network
> (e.g., the Internet).
> - A new, more stable UML kernel.
> - Support for kernel modules loading.
> See the changelogs for more information about novel features.
> You can download the new release via HTTP from http://www.netkit.org.
> Consider that, starting from version 2, Netkit is no longer distributed as
> a single package. We decided to do so because in this way changes to a
> single component (e.g., the kernel) do not require you to download the
> full package again.
> We encourage you to test the new release and to give us feedback about it.
> Please tell us whether you find buggy features or Netkit runs flawlessly
> on your distribution. This would be useful for us to maintain a list of
> Netkit-compliant platforms.
> Enjoy it!
> Regards,
> The Netkit team.
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