[Netkit.users] question about the netkit filesystem scripts

flebool fleboolml a gmail.com
Mer 7 Dic 2005 14:17:39 CET

On 12/7/05, Massimo Rimondini <rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it> wrote:
> For the specific case of the host name, virtual machines initialization
> scripts get this information by reading the "name=" parameter.

sorry, I hadn't been very clear.. I knew this, but searching on the net I
didn't find a way to access the command line of the kernel..
My question should be changed to:

in the netkit system, there should be a script that changes the name of the
vm at runtime reading the command-line of the kernel.
which is it? and how does it work?

anyway,i've found a solution myself:I'll parse the output of the dmesg
command to find the name= parameter...


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