R: [Netkit.users] nslookup

Sandro Doro sandro a dorogroup.com
Mer 24 Ago 2005 00:22:57 CEST

> Hi everybody.
> Fabio is absolutely right. The `/lib/tls' directory had already been moved
> in the past because of issues similar to that signaled by Daniel.
> Unfortunately, a subsequent update via the apt tools caused it to appear
> back in place.

  yes also me in live-CD have made the same mistake! I have read in a uml
mailing list of a "remember workaround" that I report:

Subject: [uml-devel] glibc and NPTL, problem, workarounds, etc.
From: William Stearns

   rm -rf /lib/tls/
   mkdir /lib/tls/
   chmod 000 /lib/tls/
   chattr +i /lib/tls/

	Now even root can't write to that directory.  Any attempt to 
 install a new version of glibc will probably fail because rpm/apt can't 
 write to that directory, but it's better than having a non-functioning 


> We will take care of moving it away in the next release of the guest
> filesystem.
> Regards,
> Massimo.

  Sandro Doro

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