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Fabio Ricci ribio a tiscali.it
Ven 19 Ago 2005 20:02:51 CEST

Daniel Sadoc Menasche wrote:

>Netkit is really a great tool! I'm using netkit with Mandrake 10 in order
>to better understand dns, bgp, ...  It's a pleasure to play with the tool!
>Please, I need help in order to run the nslookup program.  I'm getting:
>dns-nano:~# nslookup
>(null): isc_taskmgr_create: no available threads
>Do you know why?
Yes, unfortunately user-mode-linux does not yet support TLS (thread
local storage), hence all the software that use it fails.
You can move the directory /lib/tls in another place
#mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.useless
and every little thing gonna be all right (Bob says..)

Remember that sometimes if you try to install something with apt, it can
fails, in that case you have to put that directory in his place and move
away when you have done.

#mv /lib/tls.useless /lib/tls
#apt-get install whatever you want
#mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.useless

it is just a workaround waiting for a stable solution from
user-mode-linux developers


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