[Netkit.users] VDE & Netkit

Antonio Anselmi ansanto a interfree.it
Sab 23 Apr 2005 20:05:12 CEST

hello virtual networkers, pleased to meet you again ....especially Massimo
Riondini by Netkit team !

I use VDE in order to connect two or many virtual switches who belong to
remote host. Is not important which "socket" is used by the switches, UML's
machines (the same for Netkit) can connect themselves to a classic
uml-switch or to a vde switch whith any kind of problem.
You can setup a (virtual) lan and make several v-machines using the UML
command line int. or using the Netkit "vstart" and joining the machines to
vde switches with a small change in the command (case of UML) or in the
script vstart (case of Netkit); then you can obtain a large network (on the
same broadcast domain) joining all the vde switches by dpipe and vde_plug
(as you can see at www.blogin.it/uml-vde-r.htm).

Maybe we can think to a particular option, recognised by the vstart, which
permits to commute betwen uml_switch or vde_switch ...
The matter is the possibility to make a "large" virtual network using
Netkit/UML and VDE together: machines by Netkit - interconnectivity by VDE.
The Netkit team could improve his switch ...but the job is just ready (this
is my opinion).

Concerning a large virtual network (...of virtual machines) we need
differents IP address belonging to the same net: this is a problem because
people lives in different place and *unawares* can assign duplicated IP
address to their virtual machines! Sure, people should configure only MAC
address for their inerfaces and the net should provide a DHCP service.
Logically, each  MAC address also must be unique in the net ...

Speaking about DHCP ...I'm thinking to spend some day with slirpvde ...whath
do you think about it ?

Speaking about MAC ...I think to obtain a randomized MAC address during vm
setup (maybe using netkit-phase1 script) rather than a "manual"
configuration ...in order to avoid duplicated ones!

Hopening I have been clear ...


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