[Netkit.users] Netkit: Virtual machines always crash on some linux distributions

Massimo Rimondini rimondin a dia.uniroma3.it
Gio 28 Ott 2004 18:40:49 CEST

Dear Netkit users,

there have been reports of the Netkit 1.4.2 release not working when the 
host kernel has been patched with the SKAS patch. We have checked for 
this, and actually discovered that in such a circumstance xterms open 
and suddenly close because of a kernel panic.

We know that some Linux distributions (e.g., SuSE) use kernel binaries 
that were compiled with the skas patch enabled. This results in a 
consistent group of users being unable to run the latest version of 
Netkit. In order to fix this, we have published an alternative kernel 
that should solve the problem, which you can now download from the 
Netkit home page. Instructions for installing this kernel are provided 
as well.

Best regards,
The Netkit Team.

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