[Netkit.users] Problem with script

Arpeda arpeda a tiscali.it
Ven 22 Ott 2004 17:14:35 CEST

Hi to all,
sorry for my bad english.
I have download some scripts from www.netkit.org, but i have some
problem. If I launch one oh these script, all virtual machine that are
created die. I have noticed that vm crashes when attempt to remove file
on really partition (i use reiserfs as main filesystem)
I have found a solution:
in notifyfinish() use mv insted of rm

    rm $1.booting

    mv $1.booting mv $1.started

I'll try to recompile a personal uml-kernel to add reiserfs support

I use gentoo on reiserfs-3.6

best regards
Daniele Antonini alias "Arpeda"


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