[Netkit.users] bgp in/valid nexthop

Roberto Pariset robertopari a fastwebnet.it
Dom 14 Nov 2004 11:35:56 CET

Again about lab #6, I found out the following by telnetting bgpd on as20r1:

bgpd> show ip bgp scan
BGP scan is running
BGP scan interval is 60
Current BGP nexthop cache: invalid valid [IGP metric 0]
BGP connected route:

after adding a K or S route for, that nexthop becomes valid.
Same goes for as20r2. (Remember that by K and S route I refer to zebra
"show ip route"). 

So: as20r1 is able to ping lan B, but as20r2 is not, even if it has an
ibgp peering session with as20r1 and its "show ip route" shows "B>* [200/0] via, eth1, 00:00:01". Nexthop is valid,
( valid [IGP metric 0]). So why do I need to make a
K or S route in order to let as20r2 ping lan B?

Best regards,

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