[Netkit.users] I'm tracing myself and I can't get out

Master_PE debian a masterpe.nl
Mer 23 Giu 2004 07:52:20 CEST

Op di 22-06-2004, om 22:56 schreef Daniel Sadoc Menasche:
> Hi,
> When I run
> vstart pc1 --new
> I get the following error on the terminal
> "I'm tracing myself and I can't get out".
> I think that's because I'm using kernel 2.6.3-4
> # uname -a
> Linux quartodani 2.6.3-4mdksmp #1 SMP Tue Mar 2 06:45:06 CET 2004 i686 
> unknown unknown GNU/Linux
> I know that there is a patch for UML in order to solve this problem.
> So please, I would like to know what should I do in order to solve this.  
> Should I download the source code of UML, patch it and then overwrite the
> files distributed with Netkit?
> Is there an easier way to solve this?
> Regards,
> Daniel Sadoc

What i have done is, Download the kernel and patch it. I allready asked
for the source for netkit. But thay didnt anser on my question.


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