[Netkit.users] xterm problems

Jaap Keuter jaap.keuter a xs4all.nl
Mer 2 Giu 2004 11:39:04 CEST

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, Fox wrote:

> Hi,
> I use the scripts a lot  voor rip and arp in my lessons. After i restart the lab script, " ./lab start" all the machines start up. But after loading the last vm all my xterms are closing so the machines are gone. I have that problem with all the scripts of the site. rip arp etc.
> Does anyone know a solution for me?
> Thanks a lot in avantage
> foX


I've seen that as well. This was usually the case when the VM's weren't
shutdown properly and still running in the background.
Use ps -efl to find them and kill -9 to stop them.
It happend to me when I tinkered with the scripts somewhat. An error in
the script can easily lead to this situation.

Hope it helps.


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