[Netkit.users] RIP lab problem

Xavier Brouckaert xbr a info.ucl.ac.be
Mer 14 Lug 2004 15:45:40 CEST


I'm testing netkit and i've got a problem with the RIP lab. It hangs
after r1 has started. It doesn't continue with r2,r3,r4,r5.

In r1 log, I see this:
--- Netkit phase 2 init script terminated
parse_chan couldn't parse ""
parse_chan couldn't parse ""

The host log ends with these lines:
Creating "r1.disk" as COW file for "/home/xbr/netkit/fs/default"
Partition check:
 ubda: unknown partition table
Initializing stdio console driver

If I "rm r1.booting", r2 starts booting, then r2 hangs like r1. I do "rm
r2.booting" [...] until "rm r5.booting" then all VMs are killed :-(

Any idea ?

Anyway, netkit is a great tool !

We wonder currently if we will use imunes
(http://www.tel.fer.hr/imunes/), netkit or vnuml
(http://jungla.dit.upm.es/~vnuml/) for the labs next year.


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