[Netkit.users] First release of netkit server: running netkit remotely

Maurizio Patrignani patrigna a dia.uniroma3.it
Mar 13 Lug 2004 12:08:28 CEST

Hi everybody,

      The first beta release of NetKitServer is up and running.
NetKitServer is a tcp server for creating and managing a virtual net, 
based on uml hosts, running on our remote box.
   You can reach the server with a telnet to port 1975 of 
   With the "help" command you will get a list of all the supported 
   Basically, you can create virtual hosts, collision domains, attach
interfaces to the hosts, start virtual hosts and execute commands on
   Your telnet program has to send commands line-by-line, otherwise
you will have an error for each char you type.
Here is a list of commands that you can send to the server

-newvh "hostname" ["mem"]       insert a new vhost on the db with mem
                                 memory (mem can be one of 8,16,32,64)
-delvh "hostname"               delete a not running vhost
-startvh "hostname"             start a not running vhost
-stopvh "hostname"              stop a running vhost
-newcd	"colldom"               insert and create a new collision domain
-delcd "colldom"                delete a collision domain only if it
                                 hasn't attached interfaces
-newif "hostname" "colldom"     insert a new interface on the hostname
                                 attached on collision domain colldom
-moveif "hostname" "if" "newcd" move the interface if on the new
                                 collision domain newcd
-exec "hostname" "cmd"          exec the command cmd on hostname
-sendchars "hostname" "chars"   send chars on hostname shells (you can
                                 use when hostname shell is "freezed")
-killshell "hostname"           kill the hostname user shell, and
                                 restart it
-lsvhall                        list all vhost defined in db
-lscdall                        list all collision domain defined in db
-lsvh "hostname"                list hostname and all his interfaces
-lscd "colldom"                 list colldom and all the interfaces
                                 attached on it
-exit                           exit

for feedback write to ricci a dia.uniroma3.it

Fabio Ricci

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