[Netkit.users] Iptable and nmap

Maurizio Pizzonia pizzonia a dia.uniroma3.it
Mer 7 Gen 2004 19:03:54 CET

Unfortunately the linux kernel distributed along with netkit 1.3 has
both netfilter and module support switched off.

We plan, for the next release, to activate both of them.
For now the only way is to re-compile the kernel.

maurizio pizzonia
(netkit team)

Syed Ali wrote:
> Hello All,
> I would like to know that is there is anyway to
> install and use iptables(netfilter) and namp in the
> netkit. Actually I wanted to emulate the realtime
> firewall system. I found this system realy very
> powerfull for interdomian routing stuff. 
> In the matter of fact I am realy a linux novice user
> and dont know lot much about kernel compilation stuff.
> I'd be really grateful to you if you could help me in
> this matter. 
> Thanks in Advance.
> -Syed Zeeshan Ali
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