[Netkit.users] Host<->vm network support

Maurizio Patrignani patrigna a dia.uniroma3.it
Lun 15 Dic 2003 20:47:27 CET

Dear Francesco,

Francesco Cipriani wrote:

> Hi all,
> I don't know what the official language of this list is, so I'll write 
> this message in english, considering that netkit.org pages are
> in english. Anyway I'd like to know the list's rules, such as the
> language(s) used.

Yes, you are right, the language used to post to this mailing list should be 
English, and I added this information in the places where the mailing list is 
described (http://pop.dia.uniroma3.it/mailman/listinfo/netkit.users and, 
obviously, http://www.netkit.org).
Thank you for noticing the missing information.

> Currently netkit doesn't support networking beetween the host machine
> and the virtual machines, it would be really nice if this support could
> be added. This would allow not only to "attach" netkit's world to the
> real networking world, but also using the XWindow system, as shown in
> http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net/xtut.html
> Is the netkit's team thinking about adding this feature?

Some user already contributed with some code to attach a virtual host to a tap 
device. We need to test this code and add it to the next release of netkit. 
Currently, even the procedure that must be taken to produce a new release is not 
clear to me (I'm temporarily in charge of the netkit project), and thus, the 
process of adding features to the future releases may be a little delayed by my 

Anyhow, we welcome any kind of contribution or suggestion in this respect. For 
example, if you would like to test the existing code for tap devices and to 
check whether and how it can be included in the next release, you are welcome to 
give your contribution: I could send the code to you, without any promise of 
doing nothing on your side (I don't want you to commit to a task that could take 
you too much time).

If you are not interested in contributing to the netkit project, then you will 
have to wait until we manage to add this feature to the next release.

Thank you,

Maurizio "Titto" Patrignani
Dip. Inf. e Autom. - Universita' di Roma Tre
http://www.dia.uniroma3.it/~patrigna     @}-,-`-,---

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