[GDNET] GD Contest 2018

Maarten Löffler m.loffler at uu.nl
Fri Feb 9 12:32:23 CET 2018

Dear Graph Drawers & Network Visualizers!

As you know, the 26th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network  
Visualization will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from September 26 to  
28, 2018. As has been tradition since 1994, the symposium will be  
accompanied by a Graph Drawing Contest, allowing all community members to  
demonstrate their graph drawing skills in a fun competitive setting.

Creative Topics

For your entertainment and inspiration, we have composed two nice graphs  
that you may draw with full artistic freedom. The first graph represents  
the relations between characters from the HBO series "Game of Thrones" by  
season 8. The second graph models supervisor/student relations between  
mathematicians as collected in the Mathematics Genealogy Project. In both  
cases, you may visualize the graph in any way you like. Submissions will  
be judged both on aesthetic appeal and clarity of displayed structure and  
information. For more details, visit  

Live Challenge

Following popular tradition, a live challenge will be held during the  
symposium in a format similar to a typical programming contest. Teams are  
presented with a collection of challenge graphs and have approximately one  
hour to submit their highest scoring drawings. This year, as last year,  
the challenge shall focus on maximizing the angles between crossing edges  
in straight-line embeddings. Teams may either draw the graphs manually, or  
use their own customized tools. Remote participation will also be  
possible. For more details, visit  


A monetary prize will be awarded to the winner or winning team in four  
different categories.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

On behalf of the contest committee,
best regards,

Maarten Löffler

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