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********************* CALL FOR PAPERS *********************

Special issue of the ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality (ACM JDIQ) on Provenance, Data and Information Quality.

Guest editors:
Paolo Missier, Newcastle University, UK                   paolo.missier a ncl.ac.uk
Paolo Papotti, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar   ppapotti a qf.org.qa

**** Special issue theme:  *****

The term provenance refers broadly to information about the origin, context, derivation, lineage, ownership or history of some artifact. The provenance of data is more specifically a form of structured metadata that records the activities involved in data production. The notion applies to a broad variety of data types, from database records, to scientific datasets, business transaction logs, web pages, social media messages, and more. At the same time, different definitions and measures of quality apply to each of these data types, in different domains.

The mission of the ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality (ACM JDIQ) is to publish high impact articles contributing to the field of data and information quality. This special issue of JDIQ seeks to explore the relationship between quality of data and information, and the provenance metadata associated to the data.

**** Topics:  ****
Specific topics within the scope of the call address both formal and practical approaches. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Quality through provenance:
** Formal definition of provenance-based information quality metrics.
** Analysis of cost and benefit of acquiring provenance in different settings and at different levels of abstraction.
** Formal and experimental provenance techniques for stating/proving quality properties of data, and for quality improvement.
** Querying provenance information to improve database query results.
** Application use cases.

* Quality of provenance:
 ** Metrics and methods for describing and assessing the quality or information content of provenance.

Submission guidelines: http://jdiq.acm.org/authors.html

**** Important dates: ****
Initial submission:        January 31th, 2014
Reviews to authors:        April 30th, 2014
Revised manuscripts and
second round of reviews:   July, 2014
Final submission deadline: August, 2014
Publication:               October, 2014

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